Updates on Encik Kura-kura

Our Encik Kura-kura is strong and healthy now!! But we have to face yet another problem with him. He keeps entering into the house! We can't keep the door open. If we do, he will crawl in as fast as lightning (no kidding) and heads towards the staircase. I have no idea why he keeps struggling to climb the stairs...one foreleg gripping the wall, the other foreleg clutch the riser, one hind leg tiptoed on the tip of his claw, the other hind leg dangling in the air...it is always a fascinating sight to watch. Hehe.

Encik Kura-kura was on his way to dapor. Hmm.. I have to admit that I am quite afraid of him because my housemates said a tortoise or similar species won't let go once it bites you...so there's no way I'm going near them , no matter what because speed does not matter! Does that make any sense? hmm...

Anyway, since he keeps wanting to enter the house ( he knocks on the door if it’s closed), Macha said that's because there's something...you know THE SOMETHING in the house...ehem..so being me...I immediately Google any myths or superstition regarding this matter. All I found was that tortoises usually carry Salmonella with them. So, make sure you wash your hands after handling them.

So, that is one fact I learnt about Encik Kura-kura though I'm still not sure his species yet...

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syatabdrahman said...

alaaa, cutenye your encik kura-kura! i cume ada si lalat je. kenapa korang tak bela je die? mcm kucing. comel dan besar, tapi nampak takut juge!

nenek kebayan hot said...

mmg bela scr xrasmi sbb kaknim takot!!

my housemates ckp kalau dia gigit xkan lepas! kene tunggu petir xpon potong keplaa dia!!

i amek gambar tuh dr atas kerusi...walau kura2...dia sgt pantas....i rs dia mutant la..xpon alien dlm speceship bentuk kura2..