Fynn Jamal: Poem recitation in 'Terbang Tunduk' Music Video

Kita bukan asal kita
Daripada mana kita datang
tak tentukan siapa kita
Kita yang mencorak langit kita
takdir kita adalah lukisan kita
Berjaya atau tidak
Bukan hak kita
Tapi yang Kuasa- Fynn Jamal

Fynn Jamal: An Inspiring Woman

I've heard her songs before. But they were all tunes to me. 
I watched her recite a poem entitled 'Me'.
It was on Info Taqwa Mizz Nina TV Al-Hijrah programme.
She was bare. 
She was me. 
Now all I listen are poems~ recited in tunes.


Hitting the 30's : Time for ACTION!

Finally, after years of experimenting, experiencing self-afflicted mental torture and wandering without soul and passion for design, the finally has come!

It started with quitting abruptly from UNSW then mindlessly graduate from LIMKOKWING then suddenly got myself into an aimless career, though the experience still counts, until one depressing moment ended the dull momentum and here I am working happily as whatever I want to name it: founder, owner, designer, interior designer, CEO...boss..the list goes on!

Awang Cutter Projex. My new love with my encik hubby Ijat Usop. I just love love love our laser cut business!

Do check out our facebook page: facebook.com/Awangcutterprojex for more info ;)