Fire Alarm: A Welcomed Distraction

Tuesday, 7th April 2009, Faculty Built of Environment, University of New South Wales - A fire evacuation from Red Center Building confirmed most people prediction; if there is a real fire, half of the people in the building would be dead due to lack of awareness and slow response to fire alarm. That includes Tasniim Abd Rahman. Abd Rahman was believed to be Facebooking when the alarm went off. She deliberately ignored the siren by assuming the alarm must be faulty. But she became alert when a calm voice rang out : Evacuate the building.Evacuate the building.Evacuate the building. Quickly she packed her beloved Encik Toshiba and stride towards the exit door. The fire door was already closed. Students were swarming out the building via fire staircase sensibly. Overall, they took approximately 15minutes to completely evacuate the building.

As seen in the picture above, students were mingling with each other as it was an opportunity to catch up with friends and discussing what might caused the siren.

While onlookers stared at the driver, waiting for drama to unfold.

As minutes passed, everybody was waiting for some action. Ms Abd Rahman was last seen chatting with Ms Lahuec before she had the idea to take some pictures to put in her blog.

Unfortunately, there was no dramatic action. Just this Pakcik Security running around, puffing importantly. There were no fire and the FBEans resumed to their previous activities. So, end of story.

-As reported by Nenek Kebayan Hot-

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