Introduction to Zaha Hadid

Just look at these sandals!!!!
Aren't they hot???

Sigh...these white plastic sandals are designed by extraordinaire Zaha Hadid, a seriously famous architect aka interior architect. Please jump over the balcony if you do not know her already.

If you are interested, these pretty chic sandals are available at Melisa store in May this year. I will definitely gonna grab a pair for myself! The price?
Hmmm...at this point, it does not matter anymore! I'll starve for these sandals!!

Melissa and Zaha Hadid collaborated to design not in making a shoe that looks like a building, but an organically sculptural piece of footwear. From indesignlive.com, Hadid explained that their footwear fluid design combined perfectlt with the technology of Melissa's plastic,injecting pieces withpit closures or seals, which strongly shows Hadid's organic architectural examples (Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Centre and The London Aquatic Centre). "The more than two year partnership between Melissa and Hadid was undoubtedly a creative pursuit for the Pritzker prize-winning architect "(indesignlive.com).

The following images are some examples of her architectural/design/conceptual styles. I just love her seamless and flowing design. Every plane seems to merge with each other creating a very harmonious experience.

A perspective view of The Opus Project 08.
Cube Me Project...to me this cube looks like a bitten apple...

A polycarbonate room in a hotel which I have forgotten the name..
Note: Do you realize that there are no light fittings in this room? All the lights are concealed but the room looks perfectly lit. Ah...the power of design...

Well this is the lady who inspires thousands of young designers to think more than just a building but to merge and integrate design ideas with something, anything and everything.

I can't wait for the day I will hold the tools to inspire the world with tasniimism!



Friendster, Your Time is Up!

Goodbye Friendster...
You served me well.

I have articles in Friendster which I really, really love. I will definitely post them here simply because I love them. So, if you have read them in Friendster... I hope you enjoy reading them again! hehe.

p/s: You know who you are.

It is Mine

A faithful reader mentioned to me that my posts are 'copy-paste'd from other websites. The reader referred to Sinar from Lampu, Jihad of the Hati and Head in Refrigator. I assure you that all posts are written by me. The chef name in santapan rohani, Sheikh Said Abdul Latif Karawiah, is my mother's religious teacher. I had a very insightful experience with this Sheikh and he actually inspired me to write those poems. So, I hope you would not think that I retrieved those poems from random websites...even if I do, I will definitely include proper reference.

p/s: I was caught plagiarising in Uni once..and once is always enough for me!

A Multidisciplinary Matter

For the last 2 weeks, my summer had been very, very hectic and tedious due to the summer workshop that I HAVE to enroll. It was a multidisciplinary course where three faculties joined forces to produce a design scheme for a new artist studio in Fowlers Gap near Broken Hill of New South Wales.

The collaborating faculties were:
- Faculty of Built and Environment
-Faculty of Engineering
-Faculty of Fine Arts

Initially I was not very keen with this workshop because I had bad experiences with teamwork and studio-based environment. However, surprisingly, it turned out to be an enlightening experience where I had heaps of opportunities to learn skills from other disciplines.

Team 6 was my group name. A great team it was (not mentioning frictions and misunderstandings), we managed to compromised with each other and found our common ground to discuss. There were many intense arguments and pressures to deliver the best by our datelines. Nevertheless, I found it quite amusing because we are very different in term of approach towards designing.

-A pragmatic architect who always stresses over constructions instead of forms and aesthetic…a rare breed. The best thing about him is he generously gave his drawings and knowledge about 3DMAX and constructions to me…I did not even have to ask him!

-As a designer from COFA, she lives up the designer reputation by always going round and round the design through conceptual approach and aesthetics. She has the knack for editorial because she just loves flowery and wordy explanation of design. A friendly person whom I guess managed to keep our team together.

- An interior architect who understands how it is to think like a designer but somehow to make a design build-able within restricted time and limited construction knowledge (we did not have an engineer in our team), I became the medium of justification and communication between a designer and an architect.

It was fun but I am glad it was only for 2weeks! Another week of heavy workloads, my system will just shut down.

>> Justine fixing up the roof.

>> We stayed up at Main Campus to finish the model.

>> Harry erecting the roof.

>> A tired looking Justine

>> Yeay we did it!!


A youtube of me

Search for Tasniim Abd Rahman in www.youtube.com

Pengajaran: Jangan layan orang yg suke pegang video camera...


Sinar from Lampu

Santapan rohani: EntrĂ©e’
An inspiration after a conversation with Sheikh Said Abdul Latif Karawiah

What is Islam?
Islam is sinar
Sinar is lampu
Lampu is lampu

What is Islam?
Islam ada lima
Kalimah shahadah
Five times prayers
Fasting in Ramadhan
Zakat to cleanse materialism
The Haaj as devotion

Ada lima?
Islam! You are Islam!
Only lima
You are Islam!

But wait…
There are more to Islam
Than just sinar that lights the shadow
Islam is lampu
Radiating from inside to outside
Let us not just bask in sinar
Let us light the sinar from within
Our beating heart

Islam is not a candle
Glowing with a pool of light
Surrounded with dark shadow
Islam is lampu that lights up
Even the farthest corner

This is how you install the light
Be helpful to thousand of others
Scrap away the rusty rusts
Using your skills and ability
Sweeps away the dusts
Away with jealousy and envy
Screw the light tightly
With unwavering iman
Switch on the light
Gently with good manners

Because it is the kind heart
that many fail to achieve
Because it is a helping heart
that many choose to ignore
Because it is a selfless heart
that many too busy to care
Because it takes a considerate heart
To understand

Yes Islam you are
Sinar surrounds you
However, look deeper…
Is the lampu in your heart?

Note: A man was on his way to the mosque when he heard a plea for help. He ignored the plea by justifying going to the mosque is more important. However, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said to him that helping a person in need is much better for you than going to the mosque. This shows how important it is for us to help and be considerate to others. (I am not saying that going to the mosque is insignificant…please don’t get me wrong ^_^ )

Jihad of the Hati

Santapan rohani: Main Course
Inspiration from a video of a man carrying a child on his back as human shield

Imagine a house
Full of laughter
Beams with happiness
Cherished with love

Imagine a courtyard
Children run freely
Small feet on emerald grass
Across lush heavenly garden
Their fingers reaching out
The vast great blue sky

Imagine a verandah
Husband and wife
Sons and daughters
Sisters and brothers
Cousins and relatives
Neighbors and friends
Hands in hands
Smiling as the sun sets

Imagine the retching pain
To defend and fight for
The house or family
The land or the children
The future or the present

Imagine a house
Silent with death
Echo cries of haunted souls
The eyes of the children
Filled with eternal sorrow
Will they still remember the color of the great sky?
Do they still recall the fragrant soil lush with greens?

Imagine being homeless
Without roof as shelter
Without walls as barrier
Without boundaries as border

Imagine sharing a beloved house
For the sake children’s’ smiles
For the sake of living
For the trust in Him
For an unknown future

Let go of your pride brothers
It is hard
It is painful
Believe in His mighty plan
The land is not yours
Mighty nations had rose and fell
He gives and He takes
None is permanent
None is ever ours
To eternity we will return

This is the hardest Jihad
The essence of Jihad fi sabilillah…
Starts from the hati

Head in Refrigerator

Santapan rohani: Dessert
An inspiration after a converation with  Sheikh Said Abdul Latif Karawiah about wearing hijab

My hot,hot summer
Must you glare so?
Your heat is killing me
My hijab stains with sweat
Oh how I wish to unwrap
My lovely yellow hijab

My dear, dearest sheikh
Why hijab in summer?

My dear, dear child
Your hair is beautiful
To be seen only for the chosen
Your aurat is sacred
To be kept only for the chosen

Hijab my dear, a refrigerator
Preserves goodness
Even when you sin
Protects your curious self
From common lurking evil
Seals your lovely soul
From pests that make it rot
Chills your pretty head
From the melting heat of Nar

Keep your head always
In the refrigerator, my child

My cold, cold summer
Your heat stains my hijab
But it is alright
May these stains on my hijab
Be the proof for me
Later in the realm of eternity


Paranoia Exfoliation

Let’s talk about this fear
of not having a career
Let’s talk about this self
who always suffers misery
Let’s talk about this insecurity
of being unwanted by others
Let’s talk about this depression
that haunts thousands single maidens
Let’s talk about this education
as if without it will be the end of the world
Let’s talk about this happening lifestyle
that beats the Palestinians’ daily survival style
Let’s talk about this scandalicious affair
when bones sticking out a child's stretched skin
Let’s talk about this love conflicts
that revolve endlessly sucking up the cries of the world
Let’s talk about this relationship
that lasts longer than the fights breaking up tribes and brothers
Lets’ talk about this friend
whom drama excites our senses when a shoulder is needed to cry on

Let’s not on that nation
who paves roads with river of blood smearing crimson pebbles as a finale
Let’s not on that soul
which gives the world hopes and remedies for children whose eyes wide
Let’s not on that pain
suffered by them via hands that hold power to change the world
Let’s not on that beautiful person
who inspires others to lovingly cherish ourselves
Let’s not on that petty family friction
festering incurable infection ended with pus
Let’s not on that amazing place of nature
created by supreme creator for us
Let’s not on that lame stuff
which gives simple pleasure for our inner child
Let’s not on that small achievement
that boosts highs from adrenaline
Let’s not on that person
who strive for our happiness
Let’s not on that life experience

...let’s just talk about a more beautiful life.

Exfoliation is the process of shedding off dead mental cells to reveal and expose more rationale, fresher layer. The shedding process unclogs impurities, keeps mind clean and helps reduce mania breakouts. It's usually the first step in cleaning your thinking mentality, to be followed by washing your heart with love (preferably one with hypoallergenic properties) and finally, moisturizing to absorb care to the world.

“Too many of us, suffering from the paranoia of every day life, view ourselves as always and entirely innocent of our life. We make an art form of disavowing personal responsibilities and blaming others entirely for everything bad that happen in our lives.”
(Martin Kantor in Understanding Paranoia, 2004)

p/s: May Allah swt warm our cold selfish heart with Nur...


yg elok simpan
yg bosan buang
yg pelik jd kajian
yg spesel dikunci
yg geli dilupakan
yg manis jd modal senyuman
yg kelakar sumber kekuatan
yg terasa dihipokritkan
yg lepas diikat reben
yg baru putih berseri
harap lebih menarik
diakhiri dgn happy ending
woh oh hoodie ku
yg lama ditinggalkan
woh oh billabongku
yg dibenci anas
woh oh spek mataku
yg dikeji rakyat
woh oh muke blur ku
yg berkerut tapi panas
woh oh dunia tanpe kerang
yg ade pad thai..meowmeow
woh oh jari kaki raksasaku
yg xubah mcm kereta
woh oh kulit demam kuningku
yg dibakar dibbq
woh oh sipar2 vincciku
yg diusha sebulan xmampu beli
woh oh sme yg sakitku
yg hilang dihembus sang gedik
woh oh yg mengambil masaku
yg berjaya ditanam dlm batu
woh oh hati musim springku
yg tamat tempoh lalu membatu
woh oh yg menjadi awan2ku
yg mengelilingi sang bulan..
woh oh dunia ribenaku
yg makin dipinggir hanyut
woh oh alam yg baru
yg ditemplatekan ayahku
woh oh whatever pon
yg dtg diambil teladan

~nenek kebayan hot returns~