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kaki lima cafe, 26th march 2009...

Grazia...I was flipping lazily the glossy pages of Grazia. Nothing interest me. Every page tells the same story: new make up, problems in relationship, the latest diet- the south beach diet scheme which reported by Grazia beat the Atkins diet and so on. My eyes were still scanning the text lazily waiting for customers when out of the corner of my eyes, I saw a white man running with a serene smile while holding a camera in front of some sort of a refuge camp.
Interesting I thought.

I flipped to next page. There were no text. Just a portrait of a woman. A sewing machine which seemed attached permanently to her head. The eyes...O' Allah Almighty...the eyes...
Without alarm, my cheeks were wet with tears.
How does a portrait made me so touched, I just simply broke down?
I wish I can blow up the image to zoom in the eyes. But unfortunately, I have not reinstall my Photoshop yet.

The woman is smiling. The woman is smiling despite having embedded terror and horror of watching her family and neighbors slaughtered right in front of her eyes. Women she gossiped with were raped by soldiers. Men she trusted were beaten and slaughtered without mercy. Children ran aimlessly while others...so terror struck they just fell to the ground. But the woman ran. She ran for her life. She ran for her survival. She ran with her 8 children. She ran with her sewing machine. Her sewing machine...her lifeline to survive. If you could look as closely as I did into her eyes, you will see the dark fathom in her eyes...misty with tears but yet she smiled.

From Grazia magazine: the small caption:
" This sewing machine is my life. I brought it with me when I had to run in teh middle of the night. I sew every day for eight hours. I can't do anything else. I can make two dresses a day and sell them in camps and on the roadside. I sell them for $4 each. It is the sewing machine that feeds my family. I have eight children. If someone were to take this from me, they would be taking my life."

About Rankin:
He is a photographer from the glitz world of Hollywood. Faces such as Madonna and Gwen Stefani have received the Rankin's touch. However, in the name of humanity, Rankin set out to Congo to capture the untold story of the Congolese. As he got to know the people at the refuge camp, he decided to capture the positive vibe from these people. With a just white backdrop, he treated them like celebrities. As his subject was standing in front of the camera, staring blankly at the photographer with a gathering crowd around him, the subject was chided to smile by its amused audience. Chikka chenden (forgot the correct spelling...) which means 'smile a bit'. Rankins used this caption as his exhibition name. Thus, in front of his camera, these people relaxed, smiled, had fun teasing each other and gain a sense of living as they look at each printed portraits hanging around their camp. There are hope for living...and they all smiled.

For more pictures of Rankin's OXFAM project:

To know more about Congo war:
the forgotten crisis,

world is witness,

brief facts about Congo War,

p/s: i LOVE rankin
p/s 2: I have these 2 images, which I tore from the magazine (sorry aunty...), stuck on my wall where I can wake up to them and thank Allah s.w.t for giving me all his blessings. What are my pain and petty problems compare to theirs?
Alhamdulillah...thank you Allah ^__^


Vundo Infection

It all started when my uber cool laptop(a self-proclaim statement) couldn't enter Gmail. I blamed Unwired, my housemates criticized my outdated internet supplier and at that point we all agreed that Unwired sux; it needs to be terminated.

So, I borrowed Azim's USB 3 broadband. That's when I realised Facebook was banned from me too...as well as Yahoo Messenger, Unimail, YahooMail and Google! I panicked and ran around the house like a crazy hen, fretting for tomorrow's presentation because I still need to get images from the web! Hawa cleverly pointed out that a malicious virus named Vundo might be the culprit! At Hunny's suggestion, I installed Avast...and Kapersky because I was really adamant on getting even with these viruses which disrupt my study schedule!!

After getting a brief instruction from Hawa and Hunny, I did a DIY anti-virus installation.

Kapersky installed: System Volume Information infected! What do you want to do?
delete all
heal all

Wow! There were sooo many options... so I brilliantly selected delete. Problem solved!
kuang kuang kuang...

What exactly I did was I deleted my Windows XP system...yep...I did in an amateur attempt to get rid of viruses...tas mmg buta IT...

...and to make it more interesting, I had to reformat my laptop but I don't have the CD driver with me ( didn't know the CD is soooo important...) so I literally nagged Azim, Arep and Fa to help me reinstall all the drivers. A very time consuming task as they had to install manually, one by one from Toshiba website.

As for my drama with Vundo, well...
Lesson 1: I learnt that if you have trouble accessing popular sites then there is a big possibility your laptop is infected by Mr Vundo.

Lesson 2: Do install original or licensed anti-virus software. It does make a BIG difference!

Lesson 3: Please don't act as if you know what you're doing. Get expert advice and help before you apply a DIY to the system.

Lesson 4: Bring your DVD or CD original drivers wherever you go.Treat it like your personal ID.

Lesson 5: Do not delete sesuke hati any folder or file...try 'heal' or quaratine' or 'repair' or whatever other than delete!

To know more about encik Vundo, check out :

p/s: thank you fa bb bg link website.
p/s2: thank you azim bersengkang mata mereformat dan menginstall sme drivers dan mengbackup aku nye file!!
p/s3: thank you ariff di atas tindakan suci memberi lesen Norton secara percuma dan mendengar aku bercakap tanpa henti tatkala ko membaiki laptop aku nih.

hee...a damsel in distress...that was what I am.


Otak Peti Ais

lihatlah dunia siapa diriku
lihatlah mereka kehebatanku
bongkok sabut nenek kebayan
jari lidi terbang mengetuk kunci
mengerut dahi jendul seribu garis
lensa beban lima inci bertenggek
bahu tulang menjuih ke depan
rambut masai dikepit ke tepi
buku A3 dibelek bagai ada sesuatu
helaian dibuka pena menangis
lalunya sahabat gerangan apakah?
mata guli hanye berkedip
minda membeku mulut batu
tangan tetap laju mengetuk kunci
bagaikan konon2 busy
bagaikan poyo2 berkarya
bagaikan ala2 berseni
facebook si keji tagihan semua

btul kata pakcik
tasniim xstudy
tasniim duduk depan ni
buat2 busy.

meow meow...datanglah ilham kepadaku
agar paksi bumi berpaling
melihat kehebatan si nenek berhati batu.


mulder & scully - catatonia
Uploaded by britt39

I'd rather be liberated
I find myself captivated

Stop doing what you
Keep doing it too

I'd rather stay bold and lonely
I dream I'm your one and only
Stop doing what you
Keep doing it too

Things are getting strange
I'm starting to worry
This could be a case for Mulder and Scully
Things are getting strange
Now I can't sleep alone
I'd rather be jumping ship
I find myself jumping straight in
Stop doing what you
Keep doing it too

Forever be dozy and dim
I wake myself thinking of him
Stop doing what you
Keep doing it too

My bed is made for two and there's nothing I can do
So tell me something I don't know
If my head is full of you is there nothing I can do?
Must we all march in two by two by two?

Things are getting strange, I'm starting to worry
This could be a case for Mulder and Scully
Things are getting strange
Now I can't sleep alone
And as for some happy ending
I'd rather stay single and thin

So what have you got to say about that?
And what does someone do without love?
And what does someone do with love?
And what have you got to say about that?


Our Yusuf Fawwaz

I can't wait to get back to you my dear nephew.
Wait for me!
I'll 'gomo' you till you have nightmares!
Just like what your dad did to your lil uncles.
I am sure they too can't wait to get their hands on you!
woh oh! encik bb fawwaz!


Our first dinner together as housemates

It IS a cultural thing

"Acculturation is a process in which members of one cultural group adopt the beliefs and behaviors of another group. Although acculturation is usually in the direction of a minority group adopting habits and language patterns of the dominant group, acculturation can be reciprocal--that is, the dominant group also adopts patterns typical of the minority group. "

"Assimilation of one cultural group into another may be evidenced by changes in language preference, adoption of common attitudes and values, members hip in common social groups and institutions, and loss of separate political or ethnic identification "(http://www.rice.edu/projects/HispanicHealth/Acculturation.html).

This picture was taken after Malam Gema Merdeka 2008. We celebrated Independence Day with kebabs! The kebab guy was in his 'Independence Day' mood too. So we all celebrated together! hehe.
A kebab kiosk in Randwick. The Golden Pide.
Malaysian+Turkish+Lebanese = kebab + pide


Madri Gras : Sydney : 7032009

Made it to Mardi Gras 2009 last Saturday with Yalis, Jems and Saiful. There were so many people along the road of Moore Park. Sandwiched between Yalis and a friendly lady (who happily spanked my bottom!),with my face stuck in between iron bars, I managed to shoot some pictures to show what I witnessed. The pictures shown here are for you to see and understand through my eyes.
What is Mardi Gras?
I searched the internet for definition but it seems all the definitions are contradicted with what I have witness last Saturday. These are some definitions I found:
1. Fat Tuesday ( a carnival festival held in some countries on Shrove Tuesday (the last day before Lent).

2. Shrove Tuesday, the day when traditionally all fat and meat in the house were finished up, before ChristiansLent, which commenced the following day on Ash Wednesday ( en.wiktionary.org).

3. French for Fat Tuesday, the single-day culmination of the Carnival season (www.neworleansonline.com).

There are many more explanations on Mardi Gras but none able to make me understand the Mardi Gras parade in Sydney. After making a few research, I found out that this major festival in Sydney is not Mardi Gras but New Mardi Gras. So what is the difference? Check out this website: New Mardi Gras

Anyway, ehem...to my dearest family and friends, the reason I went to Mardi Gras was not to show support on homo-relationships. I believe that if we want to understand something, then we have to experience or get a first hand knowledge on that something. Sydney has a large population of gays and lesbians (just naming the common terms used). You just cannot miss them because having such unique souls; they just love to flaunt their colors and affections anywhere, everywhere and every time to everyone! Therefore, if you are homophobic, you will have a hard time trying to avoid or shield them from your views ^_^

I guess it is safe for me to say that I am not homophobic but I do not agree with either homosexual marriage nor homo- relationships. Nevertheless, I respect the practice and the feelings involve in these relationships. I understand the trauma, stigma and difficulties they have to go through. I pray that none of my love ones will have to face difficult obstacles as these people facing in trying to make people accept them as who they are. This is my answer to the New Madri Gras message on ‘Our Freedom, Your Freedom’: I respect and understand your fight so I hope you will respect my religion and opinions too. I understand and I hope you will understand too. Cheers to a more peaceful and loving world!

p/s: yalis: she is the one in the arm of that leather clad spectacles guy.Those guys looked sooooo menacing! But dear Yalis just went up to them with a smile for a pose together hence we were rewarded with this beautiful picture!

My hope is that by understanding each other, all of us could come to a common point in a fight. New Mardi Gras, Palestinians freedom, wars, poverty in poor countries, political agendas...
everyone has a cause to fight.
Let's not be judgmental
Let's clear the hatred cloud in our heart
Let's not be bias
Let's hear the pleads
Let's reach the cry and tears
Let's understand.

Sketch Up: the easiest modelling software on planet earth

My first model in SketchUp. I pestered Hazazi around rumah tokmak, he gave in (I knew he would ^_^) and taught me SketchUp in 1 hour. Needless to say, he IS a good sifu! Slouching in his relaxed posture, he showed me how to organise my thoughts and within minutes, I was able to grasp the concept of modelling using computer-aided program. Thank you Hazazi! U saved my life. Jenkins (my boss from JJDA) was very impressed. Who wouldn't? I finished the project a day after I started working in the company.

Yep. I was bragging right then. hehe.
Owh...and an immediate increased of salary too...heee

:: A concept proposal to Bank Rakyat in Kangar::2006::

hmm...I should share what Hazazi taught me here. But I am too sleepy already...Well, if you are interested, just give me a buzz k. I'll definitely share the tricks with you.

Stack Apartment


Office of Circumlocution

a story about interior architecture

basic formula:
interior design + architecture = interior architecture
(aesthetics)(planning)(materials) + (form)(structure)(building services)(building science) = optimal environment for living

Kate Springer:: museum of waste :: a graduation project from FBE UNSW.

Chris Taylor :: bourke st house for homeless people in surry hills :: my tutor

huhu...tahap kerajinan yang tinggi...do notice the multi-layers of montaging different mediums.

tunjuk ajar ku sifu

muhammad muhsin abd rahman:: gambar kengkawan ::firework::

hazazi hamzah ::hatch plaza:: maxwell ::

anas yusof :: matraville library:: sketchup::

ijat usop :: the gedong :: xsure ::

harry :: model-making tools and gadgets::


Teratak Lounge at Chelsea Garden

Aha! Meet my new house! A new accommodation after living in Malaysia Hall for 2 years, had great fun but enough is enough. This townhouse is located in Bruce St in Kingsford...so I guess I am no longer lost in Randwick but Kingsford instead. I was just about to tell about detailed information regarding the house, but luckily I am too sleepy for that. So I'll just put pictures in for better visualisation ^_^

This is our small lovely garden. Those grey boxes are konon2-cool plant pots but right now they function as ashtrays and rain collector.

Our living room. The pool table does not belong to us, it belongs to Sharul. But since his new place can't accommodate the table....well...let just say I have a pool table in my house.

Yup we have PS3. I have to say watching my housemates shooting people in the face is not my idea of fun! Metal Gear's main character has weird buns...

An innovative way to keep your shoes neat. Curi milk cartons from Hall. heee..

Encik Kura-kura!!! This is our unofficial housepet. Hawa found Encik Kura-kura stuck somewhere in the neighbourhood, so she brought Encik Kura-kura back home. Encik Kura-kura was in a very traumatic state, his arm ( I assumed its gender) twisted and his eyes looked sad. This morning he managed to get into the house! I guess he is getting better already! Owh Hawa named him Hijau. hehe.

Can you see Encik Kura-kura?