URL matters


just now i attempted to change my URL.
because adekku dollah bb said:
" kaknim, URL kaknim panjang sgt. xcommercial."

So, demi adekku yg tercinta, kakak pon tukar lah URL.

it turned out to be a series of ma fan stories...
i lost my blog list.
Marlina sent me a message in facebook asking where is ur blog?
n i had to type in verification code to reply Marlina...
why marlina? 
verification code in facebook O_O??

Anyway, as not to disappoint my cute- lil'-bapak-org brother,
i tried some of these names:
tasniim...someone got that one oledi...T_T

But since I am a loyal type of person, I felt this heavy guilt towards a-designer-lost-randwick.
kesian dia!
we had quality times together...n i just can't bear hurting a-designer-lost-in-randwick.

xpercaya cbe test.

p/s: Dah malas nak tukar link kat Facebook...biar je la...

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Marlina Jamal said...

hahaha..begitukah kesahnyer..oh i masuk facebook using sorta illegal means..haha..the other day i even surf facebook in turkish..haha..dah le 'selalu' masuk facebook..it took me half a day to change the language back to english..haha..pasal code tuh i pon tak tahu apesal..haha..lantak le...

neway..continue your writings here..i mcm dah ketagih blog u..haha..

nenek kebayan rabun said...

thank u marlina! hehe.

turkish eh?