Newtown blue wall

I went to my weekly futsal training yesterday.
Captain of the captain broke out the news, NSW will only have 1 female futsal team.
I glanced at my Kermit captain.
She looked grim.
There were approximately 12 or 14 of us, only 8 will make it to play for the game.
I stared at my dirty white Raben slip-ons.
Analysed my weaknesses.
Not good. 

After futsal, I caught on to a young pretty healer.
Slowly I was mesmerised by her soothing voice.
Lured by her attentive ear I followed her to Newtown.

"Come into my house"

The young healer ushered me into a cosy house.
Gingerly I stepped in...
A great green-brownish eyes bored into my soul.
There right before me, greeting like the majesty herself,
the super maut fat cat arrogantly challenged me.
masuk aa kalau berani...

Luckily the healer understood. She moved the cat away, away from me.
In I went into the recessed narrow brick envelope.
The healer introduced me to a gutsy gypsy and a hi-tech looking carpenter.
It started with a hi...
then an awkward silent
then a question
then a topic
then a conversation
then a gossip
then a series of laughter
then an agreement 
then...a treasure box...

o such wonderful treasures!
my eyes was dazzled by all the brilliant colours,
a kaleidoscope experience...
a homemade cum handmade exquisite jewelleries
a cookie captured my attention.
a cookie neclace...
a cookie charm necklace...
I reached my fingers,
clasping the cookie in my hand
loving the texture and details,
captivated I was...
and the gypsy said,
If you like it, take it...take it.
I stared at her in disbelieve.

What have I done to be bestowed with such kindness?

That night I was restless.
This mind kept picturing images.
Thousands possibilities...
Cuddled in warm purple blanket on soft bed,
my healer curled on the rug coccooned against the cold night.
She insisted to sleep on the floor.
Such hospitality crumbles the tainted wall within me.
I whispered prayers to the Almighty, 
please give great rewards to my healer...may every kindness she gave places her nearer to you.


Good morning blue wall?
my sleepy eyes wanders
I recall the oranges,
a tasty black peppered beef,
soft baby blue towel,
roomy super small grey pants,
cosy black All Black,
a head and shoulder,
a maroon drink,
an expired solution,
a contact lense case,
a praying mat,
songs from hot.fm,
my pretty healer learning japanese...

A therapist...his words forming in my awaken state,
" mulakan hari esok dengan penuh keceriaan dan tawaduk, HIDUP MUSTI TERUS!"

Gazing at my curled healer, her soothing blue wall, her warm purple blanket and my cookie necklace...

I smiled.

p/s: Thank u therapist, healer, gypsy, si buncit hot, indie gay, bulat, master chef and encik satan.

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Anonymous said...

tapaham la posting ni
ape ni weh

Anonymous said...

he..he.. go tasniim..go!

nenek kebayan rabun said...

hehe thank u for ur support!

aaa...posting nih citer pasal kera nak cili pastuh dihalang oleh sang kancil. nih translasi kepada bahasa inggeris dan diabstrakkan. fuh fuh.

sorry kalau anda xfaham meow meow.

Anonymous said...

ah..ape sory2