Kautsar Abd Rahman feat Hazazi Hamzah: Dear children of Palestine

Composer: Hazazi Hamzah

my dearest children of palestine,
who opens their eyes to destruction,
who lives their life fighting, struggling,
barely able to defend their body,
destroyed mercilessly.

i pray for a beautiful afterlife to await you.

may that pale, ashed face,
shine gloriously.

may that white cloth that bounds you,
be heaven’s silk that wraps.

may that blood that wets your face,
will never dry.

may your cry,
be silent prayer for justice to prevail.

may you open your eyes,
to garden of eden,
where river flow with sweetest water,
and trees bear fruits so luscious,
and air smells no longer of gas,
the wind that carries Heaven’s symphony,

the time for you to smile, insyaAllah.

-kautsar abd rahman-

I am soo proud of both my sister and cousin.
Hazazi is my sifu yang paling otai.
I can't remember how many kowtows I did to him.
I wouldn't have a clue and would be still super lost in design without him.
He is a very helpful mentor, and I know his students are lucky to have him as a lecturer in UTM. Please pray with me that he will find ease in finding funds to continue his studies in Spain.
InsyaAllah, after all the aids, advices and fun experiences you gave others in learning architecture, I am sure Allah swt will show you the way.

Saya sayang awak Hazazi!

p/s: hint: Olympiarch....that was why I went all the way to UTM ^___^ and participate in architecture workshop whereas I was an interior design student...

Kautsar aka syat is my sister yang super maut gedik. Tahapnya I become speechless when she's around me. To make it short, I am proud of her and love her sooo much.
( U busuk dapat template blog tuh cis cis)

p/s: dayah cikutil, I love you too!

Syat busuk, I know you surely tahap terharu ngan hazazi. Ala2 Muse plak tuh. 

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syat said...


hazazi mmg MUSE inspired artist yg terbaik aaa!!

hazazii!!!! kamu sgt hebat!!!