A gift from heaven: Artlantis

Artlantis, introduced by my sifu in rendering, is a heaven-sent software that literally gave life to my dull, dead and pathetic perspective images generated from Sketch Up. A lifesaver indeed!

Although I still have lots more to learn, at least I was able to grasp rendering concept and explore happily the cute,simple little buttons (just like SketchUp) instead of staring at confusing interface and millions parameter tabs...*gag*

These images shown here are my attempts in rendering using the sofware. 

Finally, I have lightings in my perspectives!
Not just some lights from Photoshop > seriously time-consuming and tedious.

Moreover, the best part is I can control materials parameters easily! Ok..a bit of bump...add gloss...shalala~ fun!

I am aware that there are other rendering softwares that work better than Artlantis but hey, I love Artlantis because I have a sifu that actually spent time to teach a dimwit like me even though there was a submission that need to be done asap! Thank you sifu! May Allah swt bless you with success and wealth!

About this design of mine:

Project   : Gothic Restaurant
Client     : Heathcliffe (a character from a gothic novel)
Concept : Bloody Corona
Site         : Pine Street, Chippendale, Sydney
Material : Translucent concrete (Litracon), polished                          concrete, leather, epoxy resin, muslin cloth

* What else should I type in to fill up this empty white space...hmmm?*

* Should I sing a song?*

* Tutor name? Peter Farman*

*Lecturer? Dr Tom Loveday*

* Marks? cannot tell laa...i am the very shy shy meow*

Yeay! I did it! 

Maybe next time I'll upload some cheating paintings I did for this project. There are 4 cute abstract paintings I did...the real intention was to make it look as if I did some serious thinking about the concept...unlike my previous experiences in bullshitting during presentation, I was caught red-handed this time. Dem~ what happened to my bullshitting skill??

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deepdesign said...

hahaha.. true to your words. looks great la tas. although looks like a hangout for my chemical romance.. :)

looking forward to see more from u then.. next time sure better meh..

kucing bertanduk said...

enjit enjit semut

nenek kebayan hot said...

hehe i take that as a compliment cos that's what I was trying to achieve.

a restaurant for young-confused-gothic-rock diners. hehe.

Thank u!