'Masalah design ialah masalah dunia'- Fehy Meyh

Saya sangat setuju. 
Masalah dunia seronok untuk didiskusikan. 
Tahap boleh borak sambil minum mocha setengah hari.
Habis borak siap boleh ada resolusi dan pelan yang strategik.
Nikmat dunia sebenarnya berfikir mengenai masalah dunia.

Bagaimana pula dengan membuat research dan laporan mengenainya?

woh oh...
Sangat tak seronok.
Tahap berjaga malam, minum Nescafe satu jug, bersekang mata pun tiada guna.
Ini bukan borak masalah atas angin.
Masalah research perlu fakta yang konkrit, maklumat yang jitu dan penyampaian yang mudah.
Satu benda yang sukar untuk dilaksanakan oleh rakyat yang suka merepek.

Tapi tidak mengapa. Bak kata Encik Hanafi, 'pantang maut sebelum ajal' di status Facebook nya.
Fuh...terus terjaga naluri pahlawan, 
bingkas celik minda yang tangkas,
darah ini deras membawa adrenalin,
semua fokus tertumpu kepada bintang 
yang nun jauh perlu dicapai,
hati menyambut seruan,
diri terus tercabar mahu terus maju!

ok cun! Yosssh!!

Tido jap...nanti sambung balik...


It's all about playing ball.

This is a story about a drunkard named Alfredo
Alfredo lives his life watching boys and men playing balls. 
He observes these men chasing balls while occasionally scratches his.
LickHer is his best friend because LickHer always spices up dull games.
Without LickHer, Alfredo will definitely hang himself in the court.

Alfredo biggest dream is to watch girls play ball in bikinis.
Everyday he whines to LickHer, praying for bikini girls.
Bouncing balls, chasing balls, kicking balls, catching balls
shrieking estactically, jumping, laughing and giggling
talking excitedly about ball in his court. 
if only his dream would come true...

Luckily other than LickHer, he has Mun.
He loves Mun running around chasing after the ball
sweating in his short little red pants.
But waiting for Mun is such a pain in the ass.
Every week he waits for Mun who is always late.
He cries for a better Mun or better yet a bikini gorgeotte.

Alfredo is slumping, sagging on his counter in boredom.
Mun cannot satisfy his eye pleasure anymore
Watching Mun is no longer exciting, he craves for more
Suddenly, a gorgeotte with a sassy ass strides towards him.
He blinks once, twice and thrice.
Somehow, somewhere, someone has heard his prayer.

Quickly Alfredo runs his hair with his gold ringed fingers.
He fixes his best charming smile and waited for his ass.
The gorgeotte propped her upper body on his counter
asking his permission to play his ball with a bunch of girlfriends
Smiling widely like a boy on Christmas Eve, he asks:
Will you wear bikini? I want to see you in bikini.
You are beatiful. You have big ass.

His charming gorgeotte smiles prettily and answers:
I will wear bikini now if you wear bikini too..with me..now.
Alfredo breaks into laughter, extended his palm and offers.
His bikini girls is finally here.
Watching georgeous ladies playing balls...his dream has come true.
Alfredo, owner of futsal court, beams to LickHer.
What he needs is a little imaginations...
Life is good, eh my dear.

*based on true story*

Side story 1: 
Ayu ( player rembat team Kermit) xpernah lalu depan Alfredo sebab takut! Bau arak Alfredo bisa buat Ayu mahu muntah on the spot. Tahapnya, bila Ayu masuk court, Alfredo punya la happy tahap keluar dari counter nak peluk Ayu. Silap aaa..Ayu lari pecut dari Alfredo. Malangnya, Alfredo sangkakan Ayu tak suka sama dia. Dia datang kat nenek (player defend Kermit)  lantas bertanya dengan sedih:
Why does she runs away from me?
I was just joking. joking joking.
I already have 5 wives!

tak sempat nenek cakap ape2, dia dah pon gelak sorg2. 

Side story 2:
Tahap Alfredo sayang bikini girls punya captain, Alfredo sanggup bagi diorang main free kat court Mascot yang menjadi territori lelaki selama ini. Captain bikini bukan calang2 orang. Setakat pakcik Sepanyol yang mabuk...xde hal laa...senang aje dia pasang perangkap jerami, jampi mantera pon xpayah guna, dah pon Alfredo mabuk kepayang sama Captain bikini.

Side story 3:
Alfredo nih baik dalam mabuk. 

1. Drunk.ard ( Dictionary.com)
a person who is habitually or frequently drunk.

2. Gorgeotte ( tas si nenek hot)
a super hot female

3. LickHer ( a liquor shop in Kingscross,Sydney)
 aka  liquor ( Dictionary.com)
a distilled or spirituous beverage, as brandy or whiskey, as distinguished from a fermented beverage, as wine or beer. 

p/s: Nama sebenar Mun ialah Mus...Alfredo xreti sebut Mus.


Newtown blue wall

I went to my weekly futsal training yesterday.
Captain of the captain broke out the news, NSW will only have 1 female futsal team.
I glanced at my Kermit captain.
She looked grim.
There were approximately 12 or 14 of us, only 8 will make it to play for the game.
I stared at my dirty white Raben slip-ons.
Analysed my weaknesses.
Not good. 

After futsal, I caught on to a young pretty healer.
Slowly I was mesmerised by her soothing voice.
Lured by her attentive ear I followed her to Newtown.

"Come into my house"

The young healer ushered me into a cosy house.
Gingerly I stepped in...
A great green-brownish eyes bored into my soul.
There right before me, greeting like the majesty herself,
the super maut fat cat arrogantly challenged me.
masuk aa kalau berani...

Luckily the healer understood. She moved the cat away, away from me.
In I went into the recessed narrow brick envelope.
The healer introduced me to a gutsy gypsy and a hi-tech looking carpenter.
It started with a hi...
then an awkward silent
then a question
then a topic
then a conversation
then a gossip
then a series of laughter
then an agreement 
then...a treasure box...

o such wonderful treasures!
my eyes was dazzled by all the brilliant colours,
a kaleidoscope experience...
a homemade cum handmade exquisite jewelleries
a cookie captured my attention.
a cookie neclace...
a cookie charm necklace...
I reached my fingers,
clasping the cookie in my hand
loving the texture and details,
captivated I was...
and the gypsy said,
If you like it, take it...take it.
I stared at her in disbelieve.

What have I done to be bestowed with such kindness?

That night I was restless.
This mind kept picturing images.
Thousands possibilities...
Cuddled in warm purple blanket on soft bed,
my healer curled on the rug coccooned against the cold night.
She insisted to sleep on the floor.
Such hospitality crumbles the tainted wall within me.
I whispered prayers to the Almighty, 
please give great rewards to my healer...may every kindness she gave places her nearer to you.


Good morning blue wall?
my sleepy eyes wanders
I recall the oranges,
a tasty black peppered beef,
soft baby blue towel,
roomy super small grey pants,
cosy black All Black,
a head and shoulder,
a maroon drink,
an expired solution,
a contact lense case,
a praying mat,
songs from hot.fm,
my pretty healer learning japanese...

A therapist...his words forming in my awaken state,
" mulakan hari esok dengan penuh keceriaan dan tawaduk, HIDUP MUSTI TERUS!"

Gazing at my curled healer, her soothing blue wall, her warm purple blanket and my cookie necklace...

I smiled.

p/s: Thank u therapist, healer, gypsy, si buncit hot, indie gay, bulat, master chef and encik satan.


Update playlist

Hazazi gave me a new playlist.

Sangat gembire!

Setakat ni belum lagi pernah download lagu sendiri.

Beratus-ratus lagu dalam folder,
semua pon dicuri,
diberi secara paksa,
dan diupdatekan oleh ahli-ahli keluarga yang celik muzik.

Akibatnya, playlist ku sangatlah random.
List lagu terbaru:
1. Juliet the Orange - Eyelash
2. zee avi - Honey bee
3. monoloque - jika aku seorang robot
4. Radiostar - Pada senyum mu
5. Komplot- Nora Zain 
6. Meet Uncle Hussein - Milk in the bottle
7. zee avi - someone you used to know
8. zee avi - bitter heart
9. zee avi - kantoi

hmm...banyak gak.

ehem, sape kata Tas tak up-to-date dengan muzik?

Kautsar Abd Rahman feat Hazazi Hamzah: Dear children of Palestine

Composer: Hazazi Hamzah

my dearest children of palestine,
who opens their eyes to destruction,
who lives their life fighting, struggling,
barely able to defend their body,
destroyed mercilessly.

i pray for a beautiful afterlife to await you.

may that pale, ashed face,
shine gloriously.

may that white cloth that bounds you,
be heaven’s silk that wraps.

may that blood that wets your face,
will never dry.

may your cry,
be silent prayer for justice to prevail.

may you open your eyes,
to garden of eden,
where river flow with sweetest water,
and trees bear fruits so luscious,
and air smells no longer of gas,
the wind that carries Heaven’s symphony,

the time for you to smile, insyaAllah.

-kautsar abd rahman-

I am soo proud of both my sister and cousin.
Hazazi is my sifu yang paling otai.
I can't remember how many kowtows I did to him.
I wouldn't have a clue and would be still super lost in design without him.
He is a very helpful mentor, and I know his students are lucky to have him as a lecturer in UTM. Please pray with me that he will find ease in finding funds to continue his studies in Spain.
InsyaAllah, after all the aids, advices and fun experiences you gave others in learning architecture, I am sure Allah swt will show you the way.

Saya sayang awak Hazazi!

p/s: hint: Olympiarch....that was why I went all the way to UTM ^___^ and participate in architecture workshop whereas I was an interior design student...

Kautsar aka syat is my sister yang super maut gedik. Tahapnya I become speechless when she's around me. To make it short, I am proud of her and love her sooo much.
( U busuk dapat template blog tuh cis cis)

p/s: dayah cikutil, I love you too!

Syat busuk, I know you surely tahap terharu ngan hazazi. Ala2 Muse plak tuh. 

Kautsar Abd Rahman feat Mohd Lorong Haji Taib: Tribute to life


ye...this time he stole a poem from my sis's blog.

Seb baik lagu sedap ^__^

p/s: Thank you. Jemput curi dengan izin lagi k.hehe.
p/s2: For your information, he purposely stole the poem from syat because he wanted to challenge Hazazi.

oooppss... ;p


Simut ciktas dah sampai!

Simut ciktas dah sampai!
Yusuf bb dengan comelnya posing sebelum tido untuk ciktas dia.

Kamu sangat adorable yusuf bb T_T

Adekku dollah bb berkata:
"Time kaseh cik tas sbb bagi 'cocoon' yg chomel utk yusuf! yusuf suke betul! siap tido dgn nyenyaknye dlm cocoon tu malam nih."

I...i....cair lah...

URL matters


just now i attempted to change my URL.
because adekku dollah bb said:
" kaknim, URL kaknim panjang sgt. xcommercial."

So, demi adekku yg tercinta, kakak pon tukar lah URL.

it turned out to be a series of ma fan stories...
i lost my blog list.
Marlina sent me a message in facebook asking where is ur blog?
n i had to type in verification code to reply Marlina...
why marlina? 
verification code in facebook O_O??

Anyway, as not to disappoint my cute- lil'-bapak-org brother,
i tried some of these names:
tasniim...someone got that one oledi...T_T

But since I am a loyal type of person, I felt this heavy guilt towards a-designer-lost-randwick.
kesian dia!
we had quality times together...n i just can't bear hurting a-designer-lost-in-randwick.

xpercaya cbe test.

p/s: Dah malas nak tukar link kat Facebook...biar je la...


Nenek Kebayan Hot feat Mohd Lorong Haji Taib: Ghost

Lyrics: Tasniim Abd Rahman
Composer: Mohd Lorong Haji Taib

i tried so many ways to forget u
so many approaches i took 
just to move on and forget
but alas
to no avail

in my prayer i realised
i have been lying to you
i deny what i feel 
to make things easy
for u

so here goes my another of my approach
the truth about what i want for you

i want to love u 
for Allah
i want to grow old with u
pray jemaah wt u
perform the Haaj wt u

i want to take care of you
i want to pamper u everyday
of my life
i want to see ur thinning hair
i want to sooth each wrinkles
on your forehead

i want to please u
be the one on your side
when u awake
i want to hold u tight
soothe your worries
caress your hair
shower u with kisses
till you smile 

i want to listen to ur nonsense
i want to caress your hair
watch your sleepy eyes
listen to your soft snore
your chest as you go to deep slumber

i want to loosen the knot
on your shoulders
rub your neck
i want to make your day 
a bliss

I want to shower u with kisses
till you smile 

p/s: Aku nak ko credit nama aku everytime ko perform lagu nih tau. cis cis sesuke hati amek poem org wat lagu.
p/s2: aku rase hasil video aku sket majulah. hehe.

Jemput usha hasil karya kami lagi: Blank

Berminat ngan sifu kembara saya nih:
tapi xde lagu-lagu baru dia sbb dia pemalas.

Loctor Mayat: Tutorial Fotografi yang sangat sengal tolong!

Ini ialah cikgu mayat.
Dia datang dari Loctor Mayat's Autopsy
Mungkin manusia, mungkin alien...
yang pastinya spesies Ultraman.

Ini ialah contoh kelas cikgu mayat.
Equipment dia sangat lengkap.

Ini pula contoh pelajarannya.
Cikgu mayat sangat pelik...
adegan cinta antara 2 ultraman
yang tak pasti jantinanya
menjadi topik ulangan subjek2nya.

Geng fotografi yang sangat sengal! 
Adek ku dollah bb berkata:
" kak nim kalau perlu bantuan dalam fotografi, pegila website nih. tutorial dia 
lain dari yang lain."

Memang sangat lain. 
very the funny.
simple terus masuk otak.
semangat kambeng 
lalu terus mahu coba.
gooo sifu mayats!

p/s: sme imej-imej ini telah dicuri daripada:http://loctormayat.com/blogs/
tolong jangan saman saya...


Yaya: Photographer berjiwa rakyat

i was browsing through Facebook homepage when Yaya's profile picture caught my attention.
a bubbly person who laughs out loud and very enthusiastic
a vibrant person who wears crazy colours just like Evy
Those are my memories of yaya in Sydney...

i met her in Rantai, nervously showing her photography exhibition
cool i thought.
semangat kambeng tuh ada.

your blog really impressed me my dear
it is from your blog that i grasped the whole story
there are passion, love and care
to the world
there are depths in what you have composed
In fact, there are no need for texts...
those pictures are alive

National Geographic?
ur da bomb.


Mane pegi mood...?


Sudah hilang momentum buat keje. 
duduk depan laptop 
tapi kerja pegi update blog tahap cipan pulak.

TONG pon semangat dah down...
sudah xsemangat kambeng lagi.

Report...erk...ayah...nim buat report!

Seb baik Yalis captain yang garang,
pegi gak main futsal.
Kalau x sure tdo..

hmm...ke sebab x amek dose shonen jump lagi?

p/s: cure kemalasan yg terbaik, silakan: http://www.onemanga.com/

Sifu Edit Gambar


Pictures from Evylizia Jalal's friendster.

The woman who edited all these pictures used to be a Photoshop freak!
She can spend hours, playing with colours, layers and such...
Moreover, she was the one who nagged me if i edit cincai only:

' tas u jangan malas boleh x? crop elok2! '

huhu. ok sifu...

p/s: those pics are not her best work yet...tuh dia punya cincai.

MHRC First OPEN DAY 2007

Designed by: Muhammad Hanafi Rahmat & Evylizia Jalal

Kesimpulannya, MHRC paling happening ar time nih! hehe.

Evy's Wedding Photos

Sile ke link nih tuk tgk foto kawen evy.

Ini ialah foto-foto oleh sifu saye. jemput.

MHRC Open Day 2008 Poster

By: Muahmmad Hanafi Rahmat & Tasniim Abd Rahman

PPMS Info Pak 2008

By: Tasniim Abd Rahman

PPMS Committee 2008

By: Raudhah

p/s: I haven't given out appreciation certificate...but I will soon. Am still thinking on sijil yang sangat canggih tuk korg..huhu. harap bersabar dan memahami kawan2

PPMS TONG 08 Poster

By: Andrialis Abd Rahman

Taktik nak pancing ahli

PPMS Maulidur Rasul 2008 Poster

By: Nadhiah Abd Rahman

PPMS Maulidur Rasul 2008 Poster

By: Nurain Omar

PPMS Membership card design

By: Muhammad Muhsin Abd Rahman


PPMS 2008 poster for Explorace 2008

Designed by: Nurain Omar

We lurve u!

By: Nik Arif Izani

An unexpected titik-titik

Titik-titik are derived from a random offline messages to one of my sifu (a new hobby of mine-spamming random people).

"... aku tgh berfikir byk nih n xtahu nakletak mana pemikiran aku nih, makanya aku letak aje di sini. since nih ialah offline msg, ko xperlu rs ko perlu bg reply ye. aku sedg berfikir yg dalam setiap kehidupan, setiap keputusan, setiap tindakan xkire betul atau salah...semuanya berlaku disebabkan takdirnya...jadi, ape yang kite lalu nih ade sebab atau ade bende yg tuhan nak kite belajar atau diuji. yg penting syukur dgn ape yg ade tul x?

 tp macam mana kalau ujian tu, cm susah btul nak nampak penyelesaiannya? mcm xde solution, xde ending...

n macam mana kalau ujian tuh ialah ujian yg kite dh nampak akan dtg tp tahu akan susah tuk lalui? macam mana kalau ujian tu kita xmahu lalu? n ape akibatnya kalau kite persoalkan ujian tuh? 

setiap kejadian ade hikmahnya. setiap orang yang kita jumpe tuh macam satu titik pusingan...orang tuh membelokkan atau memesongkan atau menolak kita dari satu arah ke araha atau sudut yang lain. orang tu juga mungkin xnampak fungsinya memula tapi sebenarnnya meninggalkan tinta dalam jalan hidup

sedar2 titik orang tu penting dan tiba2 titik itu yang menjadi jalan yang nampak hujungnya..


aku sedg melalui jalan cerita yg sama...dan hampir melalui ending yang sama...seb baik tetiba dlm tgh cube mencari arah yg lain, teringat titik yg pernah dijumpai...xpenting pon memula...tp td titik tuh memulakan pertemuan titik2 yang lain sehingga nampak titik2 yg terbentuk ke arah penyelesaian ujian ni. 

hati rase lega sbb dh nampak potensi titik2 nih...tp macam mana dgn ujian yang xnak lalu?

dalam perut ade seribu rerama menunggu waktu ujian tuh dtg. 
dan bile dtg, mampu ke nak pasang topeng senyum? harapnya mampu. aih...kekadang bile fikir pengorbanan seorg ibu...sebagai seorg anak, xmampu tuk buat pengorbanan yg sama. kasih seorg ibu sgt jauh bezanya dgn kasih seorg anak. cinta seorg ibu melepasi langit ketujuh dan cinta seorg anak hanyalah berpijak di bumi yg nyata.

hmm...sorry spam ym ko "

Yesterday was an exciting night
Yalis and I had late night walk, chatting lalaladotdotdot...
We went into a wrong turn...a gloomy aisle...


A salam from Canberra...which leads to more titiks.

Life is very unpredictable. 
You meet friends at a wrong turn, 
they redirect you  to a new corner.

What a small confusing beautiful  world.

p/s: I love u, my titiks


Quote of the day

To put a smile on someone's face worth a day.
But getting a smile from someone's eyes...
worth a lifetime.
(tasniim abd rahman)


A gift from heaven: Artlantis

Artlantis, introduced by my sifu in rendering, is a heaven-sent software that literally gave life to my dull, dead and pathetic perspective images generated from Sketch Up. A lifesaver indeed!

Although I still have lots more to learn, at least I was able to grasp rendering concept and explore happily the cute,simple little buttons (just like SketchUp) instead of staring at confusing interface and millions parameter tabs...*gag*

These images shown here are my attempts in rendering using the sofware. 

Finally, I have lightings in my perspectives!
Not just some lights from Photoshop > seriously time-consuming and tedious.

Moreover, the best part is I can control materials parameters easily! Ok..a bit of bump...add gloss...shalala~ fun!

I am aware that there are other rendering softwares that work better than Artlantis but hey, I love Artlantis because I have a sifu that actually spent time to teach a dimwit like me even though there was a submission that need to be done asap! Thank you sifu! May Allah swt bless you with success and wealth!

About this design of mine:

Project   : Gothic Restaurant
Client     : Heathcliffe (a character from a gothic novel)
Concept : Bloody Corona
Site         : Pine Street, Chippendale, Sydney
Material : Translucent concrete (Litracon), polished                          concrete, leather, epoxy resin, muslin cloth

* What else should I type in to fill up this empty white space...hmmm?*

* Should I sing a song?*

* Tutor name? Peter Farman*

*Lecturer? Dr Tom Loveday*

* Marks? cannot tell laa...i am the very shy shy meow*

Yeay! I did it! 

Maybe next time I'll upload some cheating paintings I did for this project. There are 4 cute abstract paintings I did...the real intention was to make it look as if I did some serious thinking about the concept...unlike my previous experiences in bullshitting during presentation, I was caught red-handed this time. Dem~ what happened to my bullshitting skill??

Background design

siyes kene tukar backdrop nih!
boring btul!!

ok search skang...
report? hmm...xpe nanti sambung...

nur of the tunnel


indahnya minggu ini. 
banyak masih kena buat.
tapi yang penting nur dah nampak
tu dia di hujung terowong

previous weeks was like hell
i imagined myself at Maroubra
perching at the edge of the cliff
watching the white foam of the ocean
woh, anjing!! terkejut!
lantas terjatuh dalam laut...
end of story.
tak payah susah cari site.

someone told me
mintalah parents doakan yang spesifik.
spesifik? woh...good idea
I listed my specifications to ibu
5 ye niim...
banyak tuh.
xpe ibu.
mmg banyak pon
serabut otak kosong nim nih.

today everything has a story
every seconds counts
every moments cherished
dalam hati terasa indah
what a beautiful life...
such a wonderful world
dunia ada matahari.

p/s: oleh kerana sponsor otai baca gak blog nih, maka xdpt la nak citer pasal tong...mgm...futsal...ncg....hehe. *batuk-batuk*


a gone case bimbo

look at her
the damsel in distress
flailing her arms around
looking utterly helpless

look at her
the damsel is at it again
keep your eyes down
she is not using her brain

look at her
the damsel is a bimbo
years of senselessness 
suddenly make sense

look at her, the witch has left...
leaving this bimbo behind.