Rupajiwa Studio and Space Gambus Experiment kasi PICCAH!

A person reminded me tonight that all forms start with a dot followed by a line and end with a dot. The reminder resonates something that have long been forgotten...a feeling which I thought has forsaken me.

Rupajiwa and Space Gambus Experiment's performance at Solaris Dutamas tonight successfully gave me goosebumps with their soul-awakening noise-experiment performance. Rupajiwa, who is responsible for creating visuals presentation for the backdrop screen, blended a 'surreal-ly' twisted visual art complimented with unique music composition played by Space Gambus Experiment (SPE). The twist to these extraordinary performances are due to the collaboration of these two infamous names, whom perhaps by chance, have the same right-brain wavelengths!

I heard a fascinating fact about SPE's music composition whilst listening to a bunch of guys talking with smoke puffing out their nostrils (that includes my fiancee who happily took the chance to smoke while we're on a date! GRRR!) From what I gathered, it seems that the main sound element to SPE's music literally came totally from out of the world!

A rough summary from what I have heard is that the head of SPE actually works with Malaysia National Space Agency (MNSA), a agency that do stuff related to outer space activities. This brilliant guy is responsible for recording sounds created in outer space such as the sound produced by planet Jupiter's wavelengths. So what he did was, he basically compiled the sounds then form a quirky music band which consists of members that play traditional and modern musical instruments such as the banhu lookalike ( no idea what it is called), rebab and the usual guitar-drum-bassist's set. I tell you, the result was super- maut-awesome!

To tell the truth, my body actually bent forward and I was sitting at the edge of my chair charmed by their passions in exhibiting their artistry skills, creations and enthusiasms. I felt my heart stopped when they teasingly ended their performance with lingering bewitching music. ( Though the ending had a anti-climax effect on audience actually...some had gave away a clap and someone else already stood up ready to give 'encore' but the ending came too late so it ended with just an overall claps)

So, how do I describe Rupajiwa's visual presentation?
I cant'.
I can just say that their team experimented with slow shutter technique that allows light movements be captured beautifully and they have composed the images with human dance movements that are parallel to their visual concept. The performance was very mind-stimulating and visually satisfying that left me sated at the very end. I have to admit that it was a mind-blowing choreography that strongly narrated a story and message that only known to the creators but nevertheless manage to motivate me to march forward in designing my dreams and paths.

I congratulate SPE and Rupajiwa for successfully delivering such a memorable performance and thank you for sharing your souls to the rest of us.

p/s: There are 4 parts of videos to the performance.

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