Learning To Love a Cloud

A damsel in distress's elbow in every windowsills,
a great pair of bleary eyes bores and ponders,
blinking and searching for great seven of wonders,
Oh so great God's great vast canvas...
so blue the blue,
this heart swells and swells.

However the path of wonders are so twisted,
deceived and blurred by an illusionist,
blinded hearts follows without sense of reality,
to blissful dooms the conjurer whispers,
scratch...the heart would not heed,
scratch...the heart would not stop,
scratch...the heart hardened,
scratch...the heart blackened.

The heart will not be left astray,
Oh is this not the sign of the Almighty
that the rays of sun should shine?
Oh is this not the love of the Merciful
that the mists should form?
Oh is this not the fate by the Gracious
that the cloud appears taking the rainbow away?

Funny how a cloud could takes the eyes away,
amazing how a cloud could whitens the black,
...softens a hardened heart,
...carries a fragile soul,
...blows into the heart of the elbow,
the lifeless damsel by the window.

But the elbow still props,
because the heart aches,
bleary eyes still searching for a glimpse,
a catch of a streak of cloud.
Hundreds days seems just like yesterday.
These are the lessons to love a cloud,
to heart that bleeds but determined to learn,
heed these...
a cloud seems to come and go,
a cloud forms and fades with the flow,
a cloud is never predictable but readable,
a cloud follows the wind but not the breeze,
a cloud changes every seconds every time,
a cloud varies day after day until today.

So as the heart wilted weaken by aches,
bleary eyes becomes clearer as the heart realises,
somehow a cloud is always there in the sky,
sometimes so thin the eyes straining,
a cloud shadowed by the soft sun,
a cloud that follows everywhere,
a cloud that cheers when all is well,
a cloud that rains silently in the dwell,
a cloud that protects from heavy rays,
a cloud so weird this heart swoons and swirls,
a cloud so high as the name deserves,
a cloud that loves is the cloud I searched.

To my pakcik awan,
with lots of love...

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LittleHid said...

aku pon nk sorg pakcik awan lah camni. hihihi