UNGU tapi bukan pasal UNGU

UNGU in Sydney.
Hmm...I think I should put an exclamation at the end of the sentence above...
UNGU in Sydney!
Yes they are in Sydney!
UNGU will perform live tomorrow at UNSW. Yeay!
But wait...are you an Indonesian? Nope?
Well, that's the catchy part. For your information, only Indonesians are allowed to attend the concert.
tsk.. tsk..

But who cares? UNGU jerr...

Anyway, Yalis, again managed to persuade me to leave my cosy room and travel in the cold winter night JUST to have a dinner with UNGU at Satay House. She has this very sly method to get me out there socialising whereas I would prefer to sit in front of my beloved laptop warmed by Hunny's heater! So, there I was sitting at a dining table admist UNGU hardcore fans shrieking when the 'most handsome' of the UNGU band (as informed by Adila) gave a short welcoming speech.

I was not sure which band was UNGU until they started playing UNGU audio playlist....aaaa....now I know...

Lucky for me, the dinner was not bad.
Satay House offered a set menu of 20AUD that includes entree, main and dessert.
I chose:
entree: Ayam Dara Bakar
Main: Beef Bacon Chilli
Dessert: Kapit Kapitam (something like that aa)
Turned out ayam dara was burung puyuh, beef bacon was daging diding and kapit kapitam was pulut hitam! Adoi...hampir meletup perut ini!

p/s:... ayam kampung kat tepi stadium Kampung Baru lagi sedap...saya mahu... T_T
p/s2: Ibu Desi sponsor half, Yalis belanja satu suku, Tas kiasu satu suku meow meow...

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Anonymous said...

ooo ungu......
ungu tabest a
hape da sokong band indon. tak syok langsong.
meow meow

nenek kebayan rabun said...

nak sokong band mesia.
plan nak bawa MUH dtg sydney.
malangnya xcukup support...

Indo punye komiti sgt sgt besar n kuat kat sydney. Last year sme konco2 n anak buah DEWA dtg...dr dewa 19 sampai lah Mulan.

Band Malaysia...raihan ngn Mawi...
raihan kire band gak aa kan? hehe.

p/s: nape ade main sokong2? setahu saya, entertainment tuh leisure...bukan political kan?

Anonymous said...

MUH pon tak best jugak la
awak ni buta seni ni
yang best tu macam Erra fazira, feminin, kumpulan 4u2c, elite, dan kumpulan tom boyz. itu baru lah muzik msia sejati
belom campur kumpualn spoon spoink scoin scumbag score subang suwey

nenek kebayan rabun said...

hehe saya x buta seni,
rabun je ^___-