The things about choices

The thing about choices is that you have you have to make do with the choices you have.

Getting a degree is not a choice, choosing which university is.
Getting married is not a choice, deciding your spouse is.
Falling in love is not a choice, getting to know someone is.
Respect to someone is not a choice, being courteous is.
Hunger is not a choice, satisfying hunger is.
Working is not a choice, making money is.
Learning is not a choice, gaining wisdom is.
Pain is not a choice, being preservere is.
Success is not a choice, achievement is.

A happy-looking couple does not mean they are content.
A successful man does not mean he achieves what he really wants
A woman who has everything does not mean she is satisfied.

My dear ayah baby told me:
Life is imperfect. What perfect life are sabar and syukur. Whatever you have somebody else has more. If you have less somebody else have lesser. So bersyukur for what you have and sabar and redha on turbulence faced.

A piece of my mind:
A deputy prime minister, inches away from the throne of power can be, in a blink of the eyes, tossed in the lowest place of community. He stayed there alive and strong but absent in political arena. I guess everyone will have a period or phase of time where we will just float following the time but lost to the world.

Semangat and semangat! That's what we should tell ourselves everyday.
I always tell myself:
Tas hebat, hot lagi bergaya!
Tas semangat kambeng!
Tas heroine dunia!
Tas ade super power!
yosssh semangat kambeng!
(sangat terpengaruh dengan naruto...hehe)

Bila dah yakin diri, that's when you feel you can take on the world ^__^
All the best people!

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Anonymous said...

good post tapi tak faham bahse inggeris

nenek kebayan rabun said...

tuh aa aku pon xfaham bahasa inggeris, aku ingat aku post dlm german rupenye inggeris ye? fuh! wat a kebetulan!