It's Michael Jackson and a disease named Vitiligo

Michael Jackson was a phenomenal entertainer. He created songs that touched the hearts of million people across the globe. I remember watching his video clips when I was still in promary school, which was years...and years...ago. At that time, everybody loves Michael Jackson.

However,at the peak of his fame, he faced problems that just not affected his carrier but his emotional and mental strength as well. I didn't know what happened to him but I have always thought that he became a confused freak when he appeared publicly as a white-skin man. There were many rumours going around during that time that have became urban myths such as:

1. Michael Jackson had to do plastic surgery because his face melted when a spotlight fell on him while shooting for a PEPSI advertisement. 

2. Michael Jackson are ashamed of being a black man. So, he decided to remove his pigments to be a white man.

3. Michael Jackson wants fame and believes that being white would make him more famous.

There are a couple more but those three above were what I believed all these years. I finally discover a factual discovery about Michael Jackson's white skin appearance when I was searching for the 'right' material for my report (as usual I was easily distracted with headlines on the side bar). This is what I found in Liveleak website:

'Michael Jackson has a skin disorder called Vitiligo. After years of fighting it and covering it up he choose the final solution, what many people with the disease do, which is a procedure called Depigmintation. This gets rid of all the remaining color on the skin so the skin all matches. The song is "Stranger in Moscow" by MJ.' (Godfearer, www.liveleak.com)

The video above shows how Vitiligo gradually infected Michael Jackson's skin.

Hence, I would like to apologize to Mr Michael Jackson for believing all the myths above. It was very shallow to think someone who has created beautiful lyrics about the world would be so vain as to change the colur of his skin.  

To make ammend, I dedicate a song by Michael Jackson entitled 'Heal the World' (video below) to whoever crosses this page and hope that song will influence that person to heal the world. I believe small efforts will create a chain of small changes which contributes to huge impact that able to change the world.

p/s:Your songs have inspired most of the 80's generation. I remember having to sing some of your songs every year during high school in Convent Bukit Nanas.

Heal the world ^__^

p/s2: Better?

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Anonymous said...

apa post kamu ni?

nenek kebayan rabun said...

ok kali ni mengaku terlalu ske hati. sorry!
dah edit letak ayat penyambung dan rangka perenggan yg lebh berfungsi agar difahami rakyat.hehe.

nenek kebayan rabun said...

owh thank u for ur comment Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

ape thank2 u..
nak thank u gi surau

Marlina Jamal said...

saket ape tuh tasniim? Panau ke..

nak tergelak bace komen anonymous..

nenek kebayan rabun said...

rasenye bukan panau aaa...panau disebabkan fungus kan?

nih ialah sebab penyakit tuh menyebabkan pigment ( maybe melanin?) warna hilang. atau dipanggil depigmentation. sbb tuh akhirnye Michael Jackson terus wat depigmentation seluruh badan tuk xnampak tomopok2...aku rase aaa..

aku rase kat Malaysia, orang panggil sopak kot.