The Philosophical Challenge

Philosophy is the love for wisdom….that is what Michaelis Michael said. A great lecturer he is. I guess I learned a lot from him on how to identify logical arguments and analyses the validity of each arguments. It was in his lectures that I learnt foreign words such as premises, the real meaning of a sentence …and how to make my mind and imagination go crazy with all the ‘why’ questions.

Admittedly, I manage to use the tools he thought on how to think and reason with situations and beliefs. Now I am able to control my illogical thinking, senseless imagination and emotions. However, regretfully, my thinking just cannot find reasoning. My mind just love to absorb and open to all possibilities…a skeptical mind he said. Do you know that being skeptical is not about being doubtful or rejecting practically everything? That is dogmatism. I know some people who feel they are so smart by being ‘skeptical’. How funny. But by taking his tests I finally have wave the white flag. I cannot do reasoning…which is not surprising at all…it is proven that’s all.

Nevertheless, I really like the part where the world is not as it seems. I get goose bumps by just thinking what could possibly be the ‘real’ world…

…the world is an illusion deceived by our senses…how fascinating…

p/s: Try Google Michaelis Michael.

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