Actually wrote a second post of crap

Thought of looking for a new job.

Currently, my job as a multi-tasking cafe person has taken its toll on me. Not because of the job requirements mind you, but I just can't tolerate immaturity and nonsense from this team anymore. So what should I do? Find a new job in Sydney?

I've been thinking whether working as a casual in an interior design company would be satisfying..

Let me list them down:
1. I have to face the computer for at least 4 hrs straight
2. The job is similar to my assignments...eeek..
3. More drafting after uni hours?
4. I like to laze around

Maybe I am being too pessimistic. Who am I to know?

Well...it won't hurt trying.

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pyro said...

keep spirit to share your design to the world!!!!

nEnEk kEbAyAn hOt said...

wow thank you! It feels good to have a positive comment from a stranger. I will try my best mate.