Laziness makes me procrastinate. Procrastination makes me do stuff the lazy way.

| This is how you do an express conceptual idea|

For the lazy-hearted only: How to make crappy design not too crappy?

1. Make a model according to your instinct and materials available . Just simply cut and glue.

2. Shoot variety of angles from different views. Crop them nicely and set them in sequence. This already make a board..or if you are super lazy...shoot more angles to produce 2-3 conceptual boards.

3. Using Photoshop, photo montage selected images and blend the layers using 'Multiply'. Trace the outline and wallah..you will get something like the image above. Of course, it is better to have sequence of images to show as 'idea development'. I am too lazy to upload my idea development because the file is in pdf..nyaaa..

5. After tracing any outline that you like, create space by using scale and applying your space requirements. Play around in CAD or Sketch Up or whatever software you are good at.

6. So, there you go. One assignment done! A design with a concept but without intention. So please bear in mind: during presentation you have to talk crap and bullshit your way to at least a credit. The jurors are not stupid. They will notice in an eye blink a design without intention.

Still consider to cheat and be lazy?

Yeah! All the best mate!

Owh...my concept for this compact apartment was STACK.

Because I simply stacked the model, stacked the images, stacked the plans and stacked everything.

Intention: To fill my presentation boards with graphic images as if I did lots of work.

Weakness: I am a lousy liar...

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shn said...

oh oh oh!!! mmg seswai utk kite yg pemalas, cis dah tau sape yg mengasuh shn jd pemalas dr kecik, hahahaha

nenek kebayan hot said...

hehehe....adekah shen br sedar? maaf adik...kakak malas nak mengasuh adik jadi org berguna dulu muahahahhaha!

datuk puaka macho said...

uh uh ~ hidupku musnah... hancur... semuanya disebabkan kamu!! kerna perutmu boyot, double chin mu bergoyang2 dan hidungmu... kurang mancung. uh uh.*berlari2 ke arah matahari terbenam* hehe

nenek kebayan hot said...

hey hey! perutku dh xboyot ok! skang ni dh hot!

dont play2! hidung xmancung tapi cute so xpe.hehehe.dah buat plastik surgery gak,tiada lagi double chin!

nenek kebayan hot said...

hmm....adekah shn datuk puaka juge?