Peeking into blogging world...aaa?

Can't believe I am actually doing this..

How lame, I always thought.
But well... after surfing through a few blogs I kinda get influenced by the notion of telling personal stuff to the whole wide world. Maybe not to that extent yet.

So this is how you do it eh? Just type what ever that crosses the mind and pour out what you feel as if this is a diary...nah...I wouldn't do that. I don't think I ever will.

This blog was created few months ago but as you can see this is my first posting. I blame the template options. None of them inspire me to write anything.

Hmm that's not fair I guess.

I blame myself a bit for my lack of knowledge in HTML..I don't even know how to insert background...sheeesshh.

* Still amaze me that I am writing this crap down*

*More amazed that YOU are reading this...*

I have to admit that I actually like dark colour template... it suits my mood to write something useful or maybe entice me to give some insights about the world but nope...I don't like this template.

Thought of posting my previous posts in friendster but nah... I might explore this template colour and design and will attempt to post something useful in near future.

Still can't believe you are reading this.

Maybe I should have a go at blogging.
That's a change.

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