Laziness makes me procrastinate. Procrastination makes me do stuff the lazy way.

| This is how you do an express conceptual idea|

For the lazy-hearted only: How to make crappy design not too crappy?

1. Make a model according to your instinct and materials available . Just simply cut and glue.

2. Shoot variety of angles from different views. Crop them nicely and set them in sequence. This already make a board..or if you are super lazy...shoot more angles to produce 2-3 conceptual boards.

3. Using Photoshop, photo montage selected images and blend the layers using 'Multiply'. Trace the outline and wallah..you will get something like the image above. Of course, it is better to have sequence of images to show as 'idea development'. I am too lazy to upload my idea development because the file is in pdf..nyaaa..

5. After tracing any outline that you like, create space by using scale and applying your space requirements. Play around in CAD or Sketch Up or whatever software you are good at.

6. So, there you go. One assignment done! A design with a concept but without intention. So please bear in mind: during presentation you have to talk crap and bullshit your way to at least a credit. The jurors are not stupid. They will notice in an eye blink a design without intention.

Still consider to cheat and be lazy?

Yeah! All the best mate!

Owh...my concept for this compact apartment was STACK.

Because I simply stacked the model, stacked the images, stacked the plans and stacked everything.

Intention: To fill my presentation boards with graphic images as if I did lots of work.

Weakness: I am a lousy liar...


I noticed most designer put their signature or logo at the bottom of their artwork. Cool...I thought.

So here goes mine:la3dot3

My favorite phrase when I am too lazy to explain stuff..

Killing Precious Time

Thought of sharing some "photoshoped"photos. Original image is permanently unrecoverable because I absentmindedly saved edited version replacing the original. They are all similar but not the same. The images show my weaknesses in editing. I will keep on editing and make a variety of slightly different copies of the original. Then hours will I spend trying to choose which image successfully capture my attention..hmmm...

Which one capture yours?

p/s: That is my road trip car. We had great adventures with Susila. She took us to Gold Coast, Adelaide, Melbourne, Wollongong, beaches and with her, my beautiful memory ^_^


My favourite Posts [ by me ]

This blog is supposed to be sophisticated, chic and cool cause I want to "reflect a funkie image" as an aspiring young designer.


It turned out this blog space channels my vanity and narcissism nature >> owh...one fine day in summer maybe I'll write something about Salvador Dali *drool+sigh*.

So here you go: my posts in Friendster.
( Initial mission: copy + paste existing posts in Friendster...but that's too lame...anyway I want you who actually read this kind of stuff to get a life and check out my more meaningful posts)

Can't believe I am conscious about being lame...how many lames have I typed?

..........and did I just said you have no life?


Vanity in Modesty

Ok ok..

I realised that the fact I posted something just because I want to have a knack of blogging is poyo (lame in Malay). Or maybe I am not. Maybe the fact I think I am poyo just because I blog makes me a real poyo. Interesting.

Seriously I can't believe you read this kind of stuff.

Anyway, I have nothing to do and I am kinda bored. So I might as well write something here cause definitely I will blindly click through Facebook for the thousandth times.

Let me share a part of my life with you:

Have you ever face a situation where you realised that you perform or do better when you do it for someone else, not yourself? I had that situation last week. At that time I am amazed at my ability to produce something meaningful unconsciously. It beats the time-consuming or brain-wrecking production that I have done. Maybe after 2 years in Randwick, I finally get what I call the Australian essence...it took me almost forever to understand the way most Australians appreciate art and design. Clean cut, simple, nothing extraordinary but perfectly elegant..quiet design.

I know I will never be able to design something so clean but I will manage, at least to get an approval smiles from my tutors and most importantly jurors!

The next day she told me that her lecturer love the design sooo much, he wants an apartment exactly like I designed and if its real, he will buy it on the spot.

Talk about culture shock.
Here I was struggling for semesters to get the jurors buy my design... and finally it was the design that I carelessly did manage to got through someone...did I think too much?

I am sure I did.

Initial idea produces the best.

Posting intention| to show off
Concept| Flashes of peek-a-boo

Actually wrote a second post of crap

Thought of looking for a new job.

Currently, my job as a multi-tasking cafe person has taken its toll on me. Not because of the job requirements mind you, but I just can't tolerate immaturity and nonsense from this team anymore. So what should I do? Find a new job in Sydney?

I've been thinking whether working as a casual in an interior design company would be satisfying..

Let me list them down:
1. I have to face the computer for at least 4 hrs straight
2. The job is similar to my assignments...eeek..
3. More drafting after uni hours?
4. I like to laze around

Maybe I am being too pessimistic. Who am I to know?

Well...it won't hurt trying.


Peeking into blogging world...aaa?

Can't believe I am actually doing this..

How lame, I always thought.
But well... after surfing through a few blogs I kinda get influenced by the notion of telling personal stuff to the whole wide world. Maybe not to that extent yet.

So this is how you do it eh? Just type what ever that crosses the mind and pour out what you feel as if this is a diary...nah...I wouldn't do that. I don't think I ever will.

This blog was created few months ago but as you can see this is my first posting. I blame the template options. None of them inspire me to write anything.

Hmm that's not fair I guess.

I blame myself a bit for my lack of knowledge in HTML..I don't even know how to insert background...sheeesshh.

* Still amaze me that I am writing this crap down*

*More amazed that YOU are reading this...*

I have to admit that I actually like dark colour template... it suits my mood to write something useful or maybe entice me to give some insights about the world but nope...I don't like this template.

Thought of posting my previous posts in friendster but nah... I might explore this template colour and design and will attempt to post something useful in near future.

Still can't believe you are reading this.

Maybe I should have a go at blogging.
That's a change.