FLYAWAY manikin

was relieving my pent-up shopping rush in Eastgarden. didn't buy much so don't worry ayah! just bought myself a pair of boots...to walk in puddles of rainwater...*cough..cough...*

anyway, i was quite amused with these suspended mannequins. aren't they cute?

my favourite manikin. she looked soo natural.

  these mannequins were trying too hard. try to get some tips from america's next top model ok?

                                the ultimate pose...flyaway manikin!!


adjectives to consider

banyak cakap
cakap non-stop
budak kecik


Crazy woman...


Pool of tears and misery

My Love,
There was a time everything seems to remind me of your greatness
the lush emerald grass sprawling outside my classroom
the calm vast blue sky lightened with rays of sunshine
and I tilt my head basking happily in that afternoon light
in my heart saying what a glorious day
marching with Aidans with you in my heart

There was a time when calling out your name brought tears rolling down my cheek
I can still recall the days when your name always on my lips
never a second wasted not to think of you my great love
waiting at the bus stop while dangling my feet
I looked at the soft cloudy cloud and my lips said
my Love is such a magnificent creator,You are so Great
and tears would cloud my eyes just by saying your name

There was a time I stood immobilized in front of your house
my covered feet fixed on the marbled ground while my hands clenched tightly
my heart longed for you so much I just couldn't say goodbye
I came accepting your call, pressed my childish face in your velvet cloak
as I touched my head to the ground I cried wishing I could stay near to you all my life
my bony fingers caressed the cold hard marble
praying fervently that this feeling will last forever until the end of time

There was a time when I believed your name would beat every second in my heart
say His name for thousands times, everyday, every seconds, until you breathe the name
Allah is Great in every beat of my heart
Allah is Great as I breathe in life
Whenever there was trouble I would touch my palm to the heart
there it was the beatings...my Love is still with me I would say
Your angels surrounding me so I shall be fine
There was nothing that could make me sway from this love

But there was a time when you decided to test my self-proclaimed love
There were so many distractions that made my mind lost in tangled web
Each time I looked back, I could still see the light but as I grew older it gets dimmer
Turn back a small voice said to me a while ago
Turn back now or you shall never see the light
my heart was still beating but each beat gave echo in this hollow chest
I could not turn back
There were so many obstacles and the hardest obstacle blocked my light
At that point I let myself drown and lost in this labyrinth
never to return again
never to see the light again
never to feel the greatness of my Love again

Now is the time when I stare straight into the light so far but yet so near
deep in the abyss of darkness beyond the tangled, twisted web
I reach out my aged fingers, tilt my womanly face, eyes straining towards the light
tears dripped from my lifted fingers
As I look around me I realised how far have I lost myself in this pool of tears
fixing my eyes at the light I kicked and swam towards the light
oblivious to the tangled web
ignoring the piercing thorn
shoving with all my might at the obstacle that blocked my light
I am running away, far away from drowning in that pool of tears and misery

As I swim towards the light, I wish my heart would beat as it used to
As I step on the rough ground, I pray I could live strong oblivious to distractions
As I crawl towards you, I believe that you will run towards me
As I stride to the beginning, I promise myself never to lose my Love again
As the light grows brighter, my heart soar knowing everything is going to be ok.


interior design ideas

Berlalu sudah fasa bulan purnama yang mengacau hormon! Sekarang ni nak fokus buat design restaurant yg macam tak gerak-gerak sejak seminggu lepas. woh oh!! Sebenarnya dah banyak dah development buat tapi semua pun macam design yg sangatlah tak cantik...tiada nilai aesthetic...biasa je...huhuhu...jadi untuk mengelakkan rasa bersalah dan demi nak buat diri rasa hebat, buat lah research lagi. Konon-konon usha gambar-gambar untuk dapat idea. Agak berjaya gak ar taktik itu. So hopefully skang nih dah boleh start buat design yang berfungsi! goooo tas!!

Ini ialah gambar-gambar yang dicuri sempena nak buat rujukan idea:

Interior view of Royal Library in Copenhagen,Denmark
| Sangat gembira jumpa gambar ini. This is something like what I have in mind|

Blanc Bar
| I really like the contrast of matte white with glossy decor objects. A silent beauty|

BANQ Restaurant
| Hohoho nih Hazazi bagi gambar kat Fabrik. I put a link to the blog at the sidebar. Timber veneer dulating ceiling...kinda cool |

Bluefrog, Mumbai
| Sigh... what can I say? Drooool........|

Tom Kovac, Melbourne
| An easier way to make curvy models instead of carving or shaving off foams|

Konon-konon hebat nak buat design banyak curve...
Hoho harapnya berjayalah kali ini!

-Gothic Restaurant : CORONA -

cermin diri

tersebut kisah satu cerita ceritera zaman plastik
kehidupan nenek di fasa dewasa tak siapa warning
ilmu terkumpul di dada masih tak mencukupi
tatasusila yang diperap sejak bayi tak berfungsi
batas pergaulan sudah pun dimanipulasi sempadannya
kalau dulu ringgit tak pernah ambil kira
sebab ajaran ayah bonda rezeki itu bukan semata wang
tapi sekarang hati ini mengharapkan dollar
kerut ini memikirkan sukarnya kehidupan 20an
mata bundar jadi sepet tenung masa hadapan
perjalanan mengubah diri agar tidak berfikiran comel sentiasa
kerana banyak onak mengguris calar-calar kecil, halus tapi pedih
dari calar jadi luka, dari luka bernanah pula
hati dok fikir cara sembuhkan calar
padahal nanah sudah menular
pantas talian hayat dihubungi agar masih berpijak dibumi nyata
rupanya nenek masih diperlukan lagi
ada yang masih sayang, ada yang masih perlu, ada yang masih hormat
malah ada yang masih rasa nenek hebat
malah lagi ada yang jadikan nenek idola
terasa tulang-tulang hidup ini ada fungsinya
darah merah pedih ini ada ertinya
calar-calar merentasi parut-parut ini indah
tiada lagi nenek yang tulus mulus
alam dewasa ini terlalu abstrak
tiada amaran yang dapat diberi daripada pemakan garam
hanya didikan, cuma kasih sayang, sokongan talian hayat
yang dapat dijadikan tali pautan tatkala terbabas masuk gaung
pada hari ini, malam ini, saat ini...
terasa siapalah diri ini tanpa kasih sayangNya
sayunya hati masih disayangiNya
degup jantung ini bukti keagunganNya
talian-talian hayat tali kasihNya
semua ini tanda ada fungsi kewujudan diri ini
setiap yang berlaku ada hikmahnya
setiap insan dipersimpangan kehidupan adalah pelengkap
setiap titisan air mata membimbing diri agar tidak tersasar
setiap resah hati menginsafkan supaya lebih kuat, cekal,tabah
setiap yang berlaku membentuk keanggunan diri
maka, seluruh zarah bernyawa ini bersyukur kepada yang Satu
sungguh bermakna dan happening sekali kehidupan ini.


Fire Alarm: A Welcomed Distraction

Tuesday, 7th April 2009, Faculty Built of Environment, University of New South Wales - A fire evacuation from Red Center Building confirmed most people prediction; if there is a real fire, half of the people in the building would be dead due to lack of awareness and slow response to fire alarm. That includes Tasniim Abd Rahman. Abd Rahman was believed to be Facebooking when the alarm went off. She deliberately ignored the siren by assuming the alarm must be faulty. But she became alert when a calm voice rang out : Evacuate the building.Evacuate the building.Evacuate the building. Quickly she packed her beloved Encik Toshiba and stride towards the exit door. The fire door was already closed. Students were swarming out the building via fire staircase sensibly. Overall, they took approximately 15minutes to completely evacuate the building.

As seen in the picture above, students were mingling with each other as it was an opportunity to catch up with friends and discussing what might caused the siren.

While onlookers stared at the driver, waiting for drama to unfold.

As minutes passed, everybody was waiting for some action. Ms Abd Rahman was last seen chatting with Ms Lahuec before she had the idea to take some pictures to put in her blog.

Unfortunately, there was no dramatic action. Just this Pakcik Security running around, puffing importantly. There were no fire and the FBEans resumed to their previous activities. So, end of story.

-As reported by Nenek Kebayan Hot-


Sama tapi X Serupa

Updates on Encik Kura-kura

Our Encik Kura-kura is strong and healthy now!! But we have to face yet another problem with him. He keeps entering into the house! We can't keep the door open. If we do, he will crawl in as fast as lightning (no kidding) and heads towards the staircase. I have no idea why he keeps struggling to climb the stairs...one foreleg gripping the wall, the other foreleg clutch the riser, one hind leg tiptoed on the tip of his claw, the other hind leg dangling in the air...it is always a fascinating sight to watch. Hehe.

Encik Kura-kura was on his way to dapor. Hmm.. I have to admit that I am quite afraid of him because my housemates said a tortoise or similar species won't let go once it bites you...so there's no way I'm going near them , no matter what because speed does not matter! Does that make any sense? hmm...

Anyway, since he keeps wanting to enter the house ( he knocks on the door if it’s closed), Macha said that's because there's something...you know THE SOMETHING in the house...ehem..so being me...I immediately Google any myths or superstition regarding this matter. All I found was that tortoises usually carry Salmonella with them. So, make sure you wash your hands after handling them.

So, that is one fact I learnt about Encik Kura-kura though I'm still not sure his species yet...


Kali pertama
ku jumpa dengannya
ku terpesona

Raut wajahnya
ku jatuh cinta

Jatuh cinta
lirikan mata ayunya

Jatuh cinta
membuatkan ku

jatuh cinta.

p/s: nak lagu nih jemput minta sebab malas nak tunggu tuk upload ^__^


Nilai Satu Dollar

Penatnya kerja hari ni!! Setelah lama bertahan dan menpsychokan diri yang Tasniim Abd Rahman Boleh! Tasniim Abd Rahman Hebat! Tasniim Abd Rahman Hot! dan byk lagi, hari ini ialah hari super maut klimaks yang menyebabkan tasniim abd rahman kata: sgt penat...mahu give up...boleh x kalau x kerja...

Memang best kalau x kerja...hidup goyang kaki...sedar-sedar duit ada dalam akaun. Pergi makan lepas tu shopping beli baju 10dollar...minum caramel latte 3 dollar...makan sushi 2.50dollar...paegi jalan-jalan naik bas 3.20dollar...beli selipar 7.50dollar...beli chocolate croissant 2dollar dan semuanya diakhiri dgn je...

Lagi best dapat tidur sampai pukul sepuluh pagi, guling-guling cari idea, lepak-lepak cari idea, borak-borak cari idea, siar-siar cari idea dan makan-makan cari idea sebab rilek aaa masa banyak sangat bukan buat ape pon...

Tapi hakikatnya, dalam akaun tasniim muat-muat kehidupan. Kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang, kais malam belum tentu lagi yang penting internet kat rumah kena lepas!

Hari ini ialah hari kesedaran nilai satu dollar. Fikirlah positif macam mana pun tapi kalau dah tahap mental tak boleh go memang akan terus jatuh. Rasa nak je cerita part tak boleh go tapi nanti jadi bahan cerita pula jadi baik tak payah cerita. Akibatnya jadi la posting kali ni kategori merepek lagi tidak bermakna campur cerita mengenai diri sendiri semata-mata.

aaa? baca lagi?


Kepada ayah baby yang dah slim lagi makin kurang rambut akibat mencari rezeki untuk keluarga, siyes hari ni insaf...susahnya nak cari duit. Sakit hati betul bila dah tak sanggup kerja tapi kena kerja juga sebab kalau tak kerja macam mana nak hidup? takkan nak minta duit lagi? ohohoho makin kurang lah rambut ayah yang sudah kurang itu ayah baby.

Dalam keinsafan ini tadi terfikir dan terbayang beberapa senario yang selalu disalah tafsir akibat buta nilai. Antaranya ialah:

1. Terfikir kalau jadi lelaki. Susah betul kalau jadi lelaki sebab kena fikir macam mana nak dapatkan duit untuk tanggung anak orang dan juga anak sendiri. Kena jadi bank keluarga. Kena jadi kuat sebab walau apa pon jadi duit kena ada untuk bagi makan dan hidup yang senang buat keluarga. Kalau masih bujang...well....tak kan nak pakai duit mak ayah, bukannya anak perempuan, malu ar!

2. Terfikir kalau dalam keadaan tadi sebenarnya diri ini ialah seorang suami. Penat kerja, dalam bas fikir patut ke berhenti kerja cari kerja yang lebih berbaloi...gaji tinggi tpi kerja ringan...boleh ada masa lebih untuk diri sendiri. *Disebabkan imaginasi ini ialah lelaki jadinya kena la jadi jenis orang yg simpan perasaan* Balik rumah buka kasut, letak beg atas lantai, buka kemeja terus baring atas sofa kat ruang tamu sambil tutup mata tapi otak sebenarnya tengah cergas berfikir macam mana nak dapat banyak duit dengan senang...Bayangkan pula si isteri tak memahami pemikiran si suami. Apa lagi, nampak suami baring-baring rilek pulak! Amboi....orang dah penat masak, penat jaga anak, panat kemas rumah, orang nih boleh balik terus tidur! Memang kalau dalam imaginasi ini, kalau ada isteri yang bercakap walau sayang sepenuh hati pon takkan mampu nak bagi respon...suka hati la nak cakap apa...

3. Pastuh terbayang pula kalau menjadi lelaki yang tak kuat semangat, tak kuat mental, tak kuat emosi...balik rumah memang sambung komplen ar...masih tidak puas hati komplen kat kawan masa lepak kedai kopi, balik komplen kat isteri...ye ar! penat kerja!! Gaji sikit, kerja macam nak mati...mana boleh!! Tapi itu kalau jadi lelaki yang melauhkan perasaan... bayangkan pula lelaki yang lebih suka senyap. Balik rumah kena pressure sebab duit tak cukup...anak nak beli handphone, isteri nak beli periuk baru...bil elektrik dan air belum tentu boleh lepas lagi tapi macam mana nak bagitahu...tak sampai hati nak cakap tidak. Maka, di sini samada buat tak dengar sebab sayang atau terus lari rumah sebab diri seperti loser...tak layak jadi suami dan ayah orang.

4. ....kalau ibu tunggal...tak terbayang kesusahan diorang...

Kesimpulannya, susahnya cari duit...susahnya hidup susah...kesian Indon dan Bangla dan lain-lain warganegara yang bekerja kat Malaysia. Kesian student-student dari negara jiran yang datang belajar di Malaysia...setakat kerja Starbucks ( tu pon kalau dapat Starbucks) 13ringgit sejam...cukup ke?

Oh satu dollar kesayanganku,
ku sanggup menjadi kaki raksasa
berjalan seribu batu
dari berpisah dari mu

Oh satu dollar kesayanganku,
ku sanggup hilang gian
latte 3 sugars ku
dari kena kerja lebih untuk mu

Oh satu dollar kesayanganku,
kerana mu ku insaf
terima kasih ibu ayah
setiap ringgit nilainya tak terhingga

Oh satu dollar kesayanganku,
ku fikir seribu kali
hati berdebar-debar
berpisah denganmu

Oh satu dollar kesayanganku
walau kau menginsafkanku
tapi kau juga menyedarkan ku
sudahkah aku menjadi hamba
terikat dunia demi satu dollar?