Vanity in Modesty

Ok ok..

I realised that the fact I posted something just because I want to have a knack of blogging is poyo (lame in Malay). Or maybe I am not. Maybe the fact I think I am poyo just because I blog makes me a real poyo. Interesting.

Seriously I can't believe you read this kind of stuff.

Anyway, I have nothing to do and I am kinda bored. So I might as well write something here cause definitely I will blindly click through Facebook for the thousandth times.

Let me share a part of my life with you:

Have you ever face a situation where you realised that you perform or do better when you do it for someone else, not yourself? I had that situation last week. At that time I am amazed at my ability to produce something meaningful unconsciously. It beats the time-consuming or brain-wrecking production that I have done. Maybe after 2 years in Randwick, I finally get what I call the Australian essence...it took me almost forever to understand the way most Australians appreciate art and design. Clean cut, simple, nothing extraordinary but perfectly elegant..quiet design.

I know I will never be able to design something so clean but I will manage, at least to get an approval smiles from my tutors and most importantly jurors!

The next day she told me that her lecturer love the design sooo much, he wants an apartment exactly like I designed and if its real, he will buy it on the spot.

Talk about culture shock.
Here I was struggling for semesters to get the jurors buy my design... and finally it was the design that I carelessly did manage to got through someone...did I think too much?

I am sure I did.

Initial idea produces the best.

Posting intention| to show off
Concept| Flashes of peek-a-boo

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